Whatcom County, Washington

Alcoholics Anonymous

Meeting Schedules

Last updated November 4th, 2018


  • The Birch Bay Summer Beach Meeting IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER
  • New Group Bring Your Own Beliefs ~ New meeting on Sunday at 5:30 at 1113 11th Ave. Bellingham (Same as Southside Hall) Flyer
  • Dry Dock ~ Has canceled the Women's Meeting on Saturday at 1:30. Canceled August 11th
  • Rocket To The 4th Dimension has new planning meeting location, date and time - It is now the 3rd Friday of the month at 8:00pm - Christ Lutheran Church on Lakeway(following the the York meeting)
  • Ferndale Unity ~ Nueva reunión el Viernese por la noche en Español 7:00pm.

To search for meetings and specifics in other areas such as city, child care, Spanish-speaking, etc., please use the Area 72's (Western Washington) meeting schedule database.

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