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District 11 Archives Wish List

1.    First Edition Big Books, any condition or printing.

2.    Second Edition Big Books, any condition or printing

3.    Third Edition Big Books (particularly early printings)

4.    Twelve by Twelve books (previous printings)

5.    Daily Reflections (previous printings)

6.    How Bill Sees It, or The AA Way Of Life (this is the previous version of How Bill Sees It)

7.    Any AA Publications (Books, Pamphlets, Tapes CD’s, DVD’s Films etc.)

8.    Previous Meeting Schedules for Whatcom County

9.    Literature Catalogs

10.  Grapevines

11.  Newspaper Articles

12.  Convention Artifacts (e.g. posters, handouts, buttons, souvenir items)

13.  Area Assembly Artifacts (e.g. posters, handouts, buttons, souvenir items)

14.  Historical Letters

15.  A. A. Pictures

16.  Magazines with A. A. articles

17.  Books about Alcoholism

18.  District News Letters

19.  Booklet called “The History of Washington A. A. 1941-1966”

20.  Western Washington Area News

21.  Box 459 Copies prior to 2006

22.  Tapes of Members Stories, AA Meetings, Talks etc.

23.  Any information regarding groups in the District past and present (Copies of Group meeting minutes)

24.  Fliers past and present

25.  Any written anecdotes about a memorable experience in District 11.




 Copyright 2002, District 11 in Area  72